pulpo! live act​@​'Bernát András: Szalagarchitektúrák II​.​' exhibition opening

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pulpo! live act is
tamas lehoczky - guitars,fx&midi

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trans-hypnotic space-chill, night-noise/dawn-silence, deepwater coloured
psychedelic, minimal-experimental, ambient live act

metastring solo project, occasionally duo or trio with guest musicians

Pulpo means octopus in Spanish.
Pulpo! Live act is basically a solo project with two guitars, lots of effects and a couple of midi controllers. Even eight tentacles is hardly enough for handling these stuff live. This is where the name comes from.
With the following video pulpo was the 7th winner at Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig Hero Video Contest.

This is the video which started the ‘pulpo’ ambient-psychedelic solo project and from 2012 it can be seen live as ‘pulpo! live act’. Had a couple of gigs from then on, just to name a few venues and festivals:
A38 Ship, Ultrahang Demo Festival (one of the most important experimental festivals in Hungary), Bankito Festival, Zsolnay Festival, Harmadik Ember Fesztival, Metropolis Festival, Toldi Club, Trafik Club, Golya, R33 and Cökxpon Ambient Café. Sometimes the sets are played with guests, for instance in the last two years I had the opportunity to share the stage musicians like Evelyn Kandech, Peter Homoki, etc.

The always changing live sets are cca. 15-20min long, the base of the sets - the grooves and the guitar themes - is pretty much the same, but controlling the arrangement live on the spot makes all pulpo! live sets unique and unrepeatable.

Just to quote a pulpo! live act fan: “…it’s emotionally unsettling, musically stirring…”

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pulpo spanyolul polipot jelent. szólóprojekt. 2 gitár, effektek, midikontrollerek. 8 csáp is alig elég ahhoz, hogy ezt előben levezenyelje valaki. innen a név. ezzel a videóval és a Native Instruments Guitar Rig Hero Contest hetedik helyezésével indult minden.
innen datálható a pulpo! live act nevű ambient-pszichedelikus szólóprojekt, mely 2012 óta aktív élőben is. Látható-hallható volt többek közt az A38 Hajón, az Ultrahang Demo Fesztiválon, a Zsolnay Fesztiválon, a Bánkitó Fesztiválon, Harmadik Ember Fesztiválon, a Toldi Klubban, Metropolis Fesztivalon, a Tilos Maratonon, a Trafikban, a Golyaban, az R33ban, a Vizraktér megnyitóján (Tomishiként duóban) és a Cökxpon Ambient Caféban, időnként olyan vendégzeneszekkel is mint pl. Kandech Evelyn, Homoki Peter (Úzgin Üver), stb.
A folyamatosan átalakuló live szettek 15-20 percesek – az alapszerkezetek, groovok és gitártémák adottak, de a pulpo! live act élő vezérlése folytán minden fellépés egyedi és megismételhetetlen.
Egy poliprajongó szerint „érzelmileg felkavaró, zeneileg megkavaró”.


released December 1, 2015



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pulpo! live act Budapest, Hungary

ambient-psychedelic, minimal, trance-experimental live act

native instruments' guitar rig hero video contest 7th winner

Pulpo means octopus in Spanish.
Pulpo! Live act is basically a solo project with two guitars, lots of effects and a couple of midi contro​llers. Even eight tentacles is hardly enough for handling these stuff live.
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